One thought on “We Need Your Help!

  1. We live on a remote cattle station, our country is timbers and these proposed safety bars will hinder where we can operate an atv. We depend on atv’s to run our business. These machines are only dangerous to the unskilled riders.
    I also, feel for the many businesses that will close due to having no Atv’s to sell. This decision seems that most rural properties have been all put into the same category without considering the exceptions to what we need to operate our businesses.
    Farmsafe have advertised some realistic statistics on the numbers of accidents that occur. Accidents are just that accidents. They will never be overcome no matter how many restrictions will be put in place.
    We also firmly believe that the younger rural kids are introduced to riding these atv’s the better, as long as they have the training, adult supervision and safety gear, we feel that 16 years of age is far too old. They will have less accidents if they are competent in riding from an early age.

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