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Some sources say legislation starts as of 20/10/2020.

The legislation is two parts. The first part is to do with having “Lateral Stability” stickers on the Quads and that the quad bikes have passed the lateral stability tests. All quads on sale now in Australia have had that test done and this is all that comes in to effect on 20/10/20. Quad bikes will be on sale until 20/10/21 or while stock lasts.

So when will quad bikes actually cease sale in Australia?

According to the legislation, new quad bikes will not be allowed to be sold without a CPD/ROP after 20/10/21. So as long as stock is available they will be sold to that date. There is a possibility that due to, for example, Honda and Yamaha warehouse supplies running out, that motorcycle dealers will sell out before 20/10/21. If that is the case there will be no stock after that last stock is sold as it takes 6 months for the importers to place and receive an order. It is understood that the last factory orders will be around December 2020.

Some people say the quad bike has been banned in Australia, is this correct.

No, quad bikes have not been banned. The reason the main stream suppliers have withdrawn from Australia is that the legislation was passed by the ACCC and NFF, who did not listen to or take notice of professional advice and reports put together by world leaders in these areas. It was proven the CDP/ROP would kill as many people as it would save so morally, the manufacturers and importers could not supply to Australia.

It has been mentioned the cost of fitting the bar for the legislation would be too high for 2.8% of the global market. Is this true?

This is not true and relates back to the same answer as per the above question.

Why has CFMoto elected to continue to bring quad bikes in to Australia and the Japanese, American and Canadian manufacturers have withdrawn from Australia?

This is a question that has to be handled carefully but let’s say that the likes of the older brands have done more research on this matter and the results have proven that morally it is not fair to the consumer to use human beings as guinea pigs to see how many lives will be saved or lost with the addition of a CPD/ROP’s to a quad bike. ROP should only be used with a seat belt.

Some people say that SXS/buggies are safer than quad bikes and some large agricultural companies have even made it company policy to have no quad bikes. Why is there debate over this with many in the motorcycle industry?

Yes, safer than quad bikes, BUT, ONLY IF SEAT BELTS ARE WORN.

It is mentioned by the media and people in office that it is such a shame to see the number of children who get killed on quad bikes on the farm.

On one hand, it is always horrible to hear of any death, especially a child, but it must be mentioned of the total supposed 16 quad bike deaths in 2019, one child died riding a recreational quad bike.

It is often asked, will all currently owned new and old quad bikes have to be fitted with a CPD/ROP’s once the legislation is bought in on 20/10/2021?

No, current owners of quad bikes do not have to have CPD/ROP’s fitted, and all used quad bikes sold privately or through a licensed motorcycle dealer will not have to have CPD/ROP’s fitted.
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