Landline Interview regarding the Loss of Quad Bikes on TV 2/3 October

I’ve finally basically finished our move to new premises so after a 5 month lay off let the quad fight continue. ABC LANDLINE recently contacted us so Pip Courtney and her Landline team spent 3 hours in Dalby Moto last week exploring what the loss of Quad bikes will do to Farmers and Small businesses throughoutContinue reading “Landline Interview regarding the Loss of Quad Bikes on TV 2/3 October”

Letter for Disgruntled Farmers to Send to their Local MP

Dear _________________ I recently went into my local motorcycle dealer  ________ to purchase a new  ATV. To my surprise and disappointment, the dealer informed me that he had sold out of _____________ (BRP, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha) ATVs, and would not be able to order any more in the future. Apparently the major ATV manufacturersContinue reading “Letter for Disgruntled Farmers to Send to their Local MP”

Media Release – Morrison Government must now act as Victorian Farmers Federation change direction on Quad Bikes in favour of global manufacturers

As many are aware the Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar tabled the Consumer Goods (Quad Bikes) Safety Standard 2019 on 10 October 2019, which mandates the fitting of Operator Protection Devices (OPDs) to all new quad bikes sold in Australia. It was a ridiculous decision; forcing every respected international manufacturer out of Australia. Read more…


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