Media Release and New Campaign


We are starting a new lobbying program targeting marginal seats so we will be getting on to various dealers in marginal seat electorates to do a photo shoot, comment and media release similar to the one below of Eddie Peters so we are then linking your dealership with your local member, as in reality your local member has no idea what Michael Sukkar has done with the quad legislation and rural Australian small businesses and farmers.

This will put extra pressure on these candidates to act as there is an election looming and rural Australia is and has been an important sector to this Government.

We will then be using this nationally, and will also ask you to own your photo style media release that we will put together so you can spread it on social media and newspapers etc to help spread the word so LNP and National Party members start fighting more for us.

Read the latest media release – Farm survey prove the NFF sold Morrison Government a FURPHY on quad bikes – NATIONAL SURVEY OF FARMERS NOW RELEASED

As many are aware the Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar tabled the Consumer Goods (Quad Bikes) Safety Standard 2019 on 10 October 2019, which mandates the fitting of Operator Protection Devices (OPDs) to all new quad bikes sold in Australia. It was a ridiculous decision; forcing every respected international manufacturer out of Australia.
It also threatens the viability of hundreds of dealerships and thousands of rural jobs at a time of unprecedented supply change constraints and economic uncertainty.

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