From the Voice of a Farmer

To whom it may concern

I would like to add my voice to the protest against the new laws that will lead to the demise of the Quad Bike industry in Australia in 2021.

I purchased my first property in this area in 1973. Today, in conjunction with my son, we now have seven separate properties, most are in a 10km radius, with one being 70km away. On this land we operate the Mt Callan Brahman Stud, which has enjoyed many successful milestones, the pinnacle of these being the success at the Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale in 2019, where Mt Callan Scully secured the enviable position of top priced red and equal top priced bull of the sale at $105,000. The stud then went on to average $27,342 for 19 bulls.

We originally worked cattle on horseback but as the list of properties grew, and time being a very scarce commodity, it became impractical to move horses from one place to the other. We trialled a 250 quad and instantly knew they were the answer. We can fit two on the back of a tray back ute and unload them with ease anywhere on the property. They are light and more maneuverable than a larger bike we trialled. We can put them on the back of a stock crate, move the partition up and load stock on the back, making it a one man job to shift cattle around.

I wouldn’t know where to start with the long list why we find a quad is better than a 2 wheeler, and the side by side does not even come into consideration.

If it became legally binding to install roll over protection on a quad, I would remove it as it is too dangerous and would tip over backward in no time. It may be illegal to do this, but the law doesn’t seem to look at underage children riding and having accidents. As with the live trade debacle, the ABC seem to have an agenda to ban quad bikes, but as with a lot of their content very little is researched. They present a grandfather crying about his underaged granchild having a serious accident on a quad, but failed to ask “but isn’t it illegal for that child to be on that bike?”. While i feel sorry for the family, I feel it is unethical to call for the ban on all quad bikes on grounds like this. As the true numbers of accidents slowly emerge, it will show that the side by side is more accident prone than the quad, but all come under the heading of quad bikes.

I urge the Government to reconsider this legislation before they end up in the same situation as they are with the ban of the live trade.

Yours sincerely

Noel Sorley

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